InBetween 4.4 – The new functions

InBetween 4.4 – The new functions


The new release of our Dynamic Publishing Software – InBetween 4.4 – is officially available.

Look forward to the new Publication Wizard. With this new profession web client you now have numerous options available for a decentralized, fast and easy creation of your publications in teams. With the function ‘duplication of publication‘ you can quickly recycle any existing publication for further use. By defining your own choice of filtering options, your search becomes super-efficient. Enhancements to the DTP Client as well as improved frame dialogues in the project editor will facilitate your daily work even further. The new update installer ensures that future release changes will take no time and effort at all.
Additional security options complete the new version InBetween 4.4.

New InBetween Publication Wizard

With the new InBetween Publication Wizard you will now be able to create your catalogues, brochures and other types of publications almost as if by magic. A basket functionality facilitates the pre-selection of your products and any other type of information you intend to use. In order to help you find your products quickly and unerringly, you will now have boundless filtering and search options at your disposition. With the new web client you can, at the same time, create any type of output format, while it is perfectly suitable whether you have just one or up to 100.000 users. With its user interface completely based on HTML5, the Publication Wizard is also technologically fully up-to-date.

Duplication of publications

You would like to bring last year’s catalogue quickly up-to-date?
With the new function ‚duplication of publication‘ this will now happen in the blink of an eye. Simply copy your catalogue 2017, edit and update it, and you’re done. Even your page plans can now be adapted for use in your new project. The original publication will remain untouched in its original condition.

New update installer

Stop worrying about your update to a new InBetween release version. With the new update installer this will now happen fast and easily. Any user and configuration settings will be saved and kept, and all projects will be migrated automatically. All stress- and hassle-free.

Enhancements to the DTP-Client

If you are the type who prefers working directly in InDesign with the InBetween DTP client to give your publications this special creative touch, you will definitely look forward to some of the simplifications we have now included in this new version. You will now see at first glance which products have been allocated already, and we’ve also made it a lot easier for you to select ‚new‘ products.

Enhancements to the project editor

The improvements to the InBetween project editor relate to frame dialogues, which now appear a lot clearer and ‚cleaned up‘. All dialogues for all frames have, for instance, been redesigned in the same style. Additionally we have separated basic and extended selections. This will make the use of our project editor easier and faster for you.

Unlimited filtering options

You can now filter as much as you want by applying any filter criteria you want. Your criteria can now be defined freely in accordance with your needs. Or simply use the same criteria as in your PIM system. You may, of course, also search by data type or combine various different filters in the selection of your data.

More security

From InBetween 4.4 we will perform recurring standard penetration tests for access to the InBetween system via web. Any weak points discovered as a result will be corrected immediately. The system is thus perfectly suited for world-wide access to any product specific data.

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