What’s new in InBetween 4.2

Release of InBetween 4.2 is now available!

The new release of Dynamic Publishing Software – InBetween 4.2 – is officially available.

The new version, will make it even easier to create templates from InBetween within InDesign. Take advantage of the possibility of assigning “data queries” directly in InDesign. New formats for automatic creation of flipping books or for output as an interactive PDF. This new version offers more options and flexibility. At the same time the PDF generation process has improved rendering and is now much faster. As well as, a new image pre-cache feature guarantees an instant sensation of document generation. A new update in the architecture increases the speed of access ratios.

In addition, a new feature for dividing documents, increases clarity thanks to the size, ease of editing documents and chapters. The new interface, based on the REST web service, completes the new version of InBetween 4.2.


Data assignment for the template in the DTP client

The possibility of creating InBetween templates directly in the InDesign family environment, is already available since version 4.1. What’s new in this version 4.2 is the option to make use of the InBetween library from InDesign. Allowing, assign queries, just like the source data, by a simple drag and drop. This allows, completely create and modify the templates in InDesign without having to make extra steps in InBetween. Of course, the option of importing your template to the project editor is still possible. To do so, use all other output formats and applications, for example, web or mobile.


Automatic generation of Flipping Books

With the new possibility of creating flipping books from InBetween, your online books will look like real e-book: interactive elements like videos, zoom or links to e-shops are included. It is also possible to add notes, notes on the side, as well as markers. A complete search throughout the text, will allow you to find what you want. This format can be used for web, mobile or offline.

To create flipping books two optional formats have been added: HTML5 or flash, while the deploying should be directly on the server. The flipping book is based on FlipViewerXPress and can be customized.


New output format: Interactive PDF

The new option of creating interactive PDFs from InBetween continues to go along with all other PDF variants. You can use the Adobe InDesign output settings to integrate animations, page transitions and links, as well as define image compression and resolution. The output format (interactive PDF) is supported by both the client and the document generation server.


Improved PDF Processor

The possibility of an automated generation of PDFs as well as HiRes-PDFs is a great feature whenever you want to produce simple price lists or a bunch of datasheets. With our new enhanced PDF processor included in the latest version of InBetween 4.2, the generation will occur at lightning speed: at least 50% faster than ever.


Pre-caching images

InBetween Cache is a useful feature if the generated documents need to be accessed more than once or by several different people, and must be available immediately. This method now also works for your images! Take advantage of InBetween Cache by uploading all your images before activating a generation. As soon as you press the button to create your document, including the images, they will be available immediately and the whole process will only take about a second!


 Support for DTP software

InBetween 4.2 supports Adobe InDesign 2015.4 and QuarkXPress 2016.




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